Help for LabNet Users

LabNet provides technical support for many computer labs on the St. John's and Harlow campuses. You can access your LabNet files from off-campus, as well.

On-Campus Lab Access

To log in to a LabNet machine on-campus, use your LabNet username and password, which are the same as your MUN Login ones. If you do not have a LabNet account already, one will be created automatically and you will be logged in.

If you have a MUN Login account and need to create a corresponding labnet account for another purpose, or if the initial login doesn't work, please go to labnet account creation. Note that if your account already exists, you will get a username/password incorrect message.

Please note that your username should be in lowercase and is not an email address. I.e. don't add "" to it.

Remote access

You can access your labnet files from off campus via the sftp protocol. sftp and scp are examples of linux programs that use this protocol. On Windows, WinSCP.

Remote login access to labnet servers is available via ssh on linux and MacOS and putty on Windows. Accessible servers are:

Please note that these are gateways only, not compute servers. Please SSH to other machines from there if necessary. Access to graphical applications on remote linux machines from a linux desktop is available by using "ssh -Y" for your connections.

Additional information including instructions for Macs available via the Commons.

Graphical remote access is available for particular classes through your web browser via Faculty and computer lab managers may arrange access by contacting Labnet Support.

How to get help

To reach systems staff for assistance, please send email to: