Labnet Campus Wide Computer Labs

Labnet Computer Lab Locations

Campus map of Labnet locations

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The following table provides more in depth infprmation on the Labnnet computer labs noted above:

Number of
ACP2003Computing and Communications43General access / teaching classroom
CP2052Faculty of Science40Specialized science lab
BCS1009Computing and Communications32Statistics students
CS1019Computing and Communications64General access / teaching classroom
CED2030Faculty of Education6General access for education students
ED3051Faculty of Education21Teaching lab for education students
ED5006Faculty of Education25Teaching general access for education students
ED5007Faculty of Education25Teaching general access for education students
ED5011Faculty of Education10General access for education students
ED5019Faculty of Education10Department of Education staff and faculty
DEN1049Department of Computer Science16Robotics and microcomputer lab Computer Science
EN2036Department of Computer Science32General access for Computer Science students
EEN2042Faculty of Engineering13Mechanical engineering students
EN2048Faculty of Engineering8Electrical engineering students
EN2078Faculty of Engineering4Naval architecture engineering students
EN3000Faculty of Engineering46General access for Engineering students
EN3065Faculty of Engineering16Electronics engineering students
EN3076Faculty of Engineering16Engineering student help center
FIC1019Faculty of Engineering4Preocess engineering students
IC1024Faculty of Engineering20Engineering graduate students
GER4000Department of Earth Sciences15General acces for Earth Science students
ER4069Department of Earth Sciences25General acces for Earth Science students
ER4042Department of Earth Sciences11Earth Science grad students
HGH2008Graduate Student Union5Grad students
IHH3030Department of Mathematics and Statstics16General acces for Math students
HH3056Department of Mathematics and Statstics16General access for math students
JHS3427School of Pharmacy27Pharmacy students
KL2000aComputing and Communications / Library30General access
L2017Computing and Communications / Library46General access
L2017Computing and Communications / Library9General access express stations
L2017Computing and Communications / Library9General access collaborative projects
L2019Computing and Communications / Library13General access special projects (Digital Media Center)
L2022Computing and Communications / Library6General access mapping applications
L2028Computing and Communications / Library45General access / Teaching classroom
LMU1026School of Music6Music students
MPE3002ADepartment of Human Kinetics and Recreation12HKR students
NQC1014Department of Archeology5Archeology students
OSN3000Department of Biochemistry12Biochemistry students
PSN3001Department of Biology Lab12Biology students
SN4110Department of Biology8Biology students (Genetics)
SN4117Department of Biology20Biology grad students
QUC4002Career Development12General access for career related work

The following computer rooms are available to students living in residence:

BuildingNumber of
BA113 Barnes House2
BL109 Blackall House2
BO323Bowater House2
BU113Burke House2
CL4017Couglan College2
CR2012Burtons Pond8
CU105ACurtis House2
DO209Doyle House2
HA414Hatcher House2
RO107Rothermere House2
SQ100Squires House2