Labnet Home Page

Welcome to the Labnet Project home page. This page has been set up to provide information to system administrators who are interested in learning more about the Labnet project.

Labnet is a software management tool designed to manage a large number of computers in an institutional environment. Labnet provides imaging support for client computers running both Linux and Microsoft operating systems. Labnet also provides imaging support and automatic configuration file management for all Labnet servers. Besides providing a consistent and reliable computer environment to the users of our public computer workstations, Labnet currently provides a wide range of auxiliary services such as secure user file storage, automatic online backup of user files, printing services with built in cost recovery, choice of multiple operating systems, identity management services and access to special multimedia services. Furthermore, Labnet file sharing and printing services are available to all wireless users on their personal computer through a downloadable application called Nomad.

Currently Labnet supports a user community of about 13000 users and manages about 1000 client computers and 85 servers. The client computers are located in about 50 computer labs across campus although some are located in faculty and staff offices. There are about 80 printers managed by Labnet located mainly in the computer labs.

Below are links that provide greater insight into Labnet's design philosophy, status and implementation:

  • Action Plan  --  Outlines the future plans for Labnet.
  • Service Summary  --  Outlines a list of the current services supported by Labnet
  • Admin Guide  --  Documents the functionality of the webtools and the utilities that are used to administer a Labnet installation.
  • Labnet Design Strategy  --  Provides insight into the design criteria of the Labnet system.
  • Labnet Computer Labs  --  Provides a comprehensive list of the Labnet labs available to students at Memorial University.
  • Slides from Labnet Presentation  --  Slides from ITS conference 2016

Labnet source code is managed by an SVN revision control system that can be browsed by authorized Labnet account holders. Please contact the the administrators show in the "Contacts" menu item in left side bar.

Note that all the documentation shown above is available from the side bar menu under "Documentation"